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Almost every single week you ask us one – or all – of these questions.

    1. What are your favorite free and easy to use tools?
    2. Can you give us inspirational examples of interactive stories (build with tools)?
    3. When and where do I use these tools?

The first two are easy to answer:

  1. We wrote a blog about it: 10 best free digital storytelling tools for journalists in 2018. It has been in our top 5 of best reads articles since the day of publishing.
  2. We sure can. This is another article from our top 5. It’s has been there for a whole year, every single day.

The last is less straightforward, because we believe it’s not the best starting point. The first reason: the story will always be the most important part, not its technical bells and whistles. Yes, there are many opportunities created by digital technology, but the impact you make with a story will depend on your vision, your audience and the context. If you want to be valuable in this digital age you’ll have to answer these questions first. We can help you with that with our future-proof program.

Future-Proof Program

For newsrooms:

  • Is your newsroom struggling with an enormous workload?
  • Is your organization doing as much as possible, but still not having the desired impact?
  • Do you need a (better) digital strategy?
  • Are your subscribers and viewership declining?Do you lack the skills and experience to tell you story in the best possible form?

For independent journalists and storytellers:

  • Are you wondering how your project can stand out in a tsunami of content?
  • Do you want to create an impact and reach the right audience?
  • Do you need a digital strategy?

Is this program for you?
You embrace change and are willing to follow through with necessary decisions.
You have confidence. You believe in yourself/your newsroom and the future of journalism.
You have trust. You know change is not always easy, but you’re excited to go on this expedition.
You want to invest. Time and money to make change happen.

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