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Make infographics and charts to tell your data-driven story.



Make simple and quick infographics with this tool. Choose a template (graphic, poster, social), add charts and visuals with a simple drag and drop system and customise your design.

Review about Venngage

Infographics are awesome, but if you have a lot of data it can be very hard to convert them into a visual. Especially when you don’t necessarily want to convert them to graphics or charts. This tool is ideal if you want to make an infographic without inserting charts, like you can do with Infogr.am or LocalFocus. You can choose from a wide range of templates in different categories (infographics, reports, posters, promotion, social) which makes it very easy.

With a simple drag ‘n drop system you can customize a template. You can add other graphics, widgets or photo’s. You can share your final product very easily through social media. If you want to embed it in your website you need to use the link of the infographic. An iframe is not one of the options, so if you want to embed it via an iframe you need to make it yourself.

If you want to download your homemade infographic you need to have a premium account. Also, with a free account not every template is available. And, as you could expect, the logo of Venngage will always be in the right corner of your infographic.

Overall, very easy to use. Especially when you’re not a star with big Excel sheets or data charts.

  • Easy
  • Free (limitations)
  • Interactive
  • Embeddable